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Interview with Packet Biweekly on Know Wave Radio.
Just announced: I'll be teaching a week long comics workshop at SAW in Gainesville, Florida Spring 2015.


One month left in Europe~ Starting June 7th I'll be attending ŠKVER on Mali Lošinj in Croatia. Also, I have a new interview up with Mission Comics and Art Gallery here that was conducted over g-chat with the lovely Quintessa Matranga in anticipation of my solo show there this August.


My solo show in Oakland opens in two weeks at City Limits gallery near Jack London Square. I leave the next month for my three month long residency at Maison des Autuers in Angouleme, France to work on my next book.


butwhat1 copy
This month is a couple events, including a small show opening at Lowell tomorrow. The next weekend is the official presentation of my work with Lisa Schonberg following Hawaii's native Hylaeus bee. We'll be having a book launch Saturday the 11th at Publication Studio, then a percussive performance Holocene on the 12th!


My solo show, MORTALS, opens next month at Farewell Books in Austin TX. The reception is December 7th and it runs all month. New drawings and textiles.
Also this month I am in the "Re-Construcitng Comics" show at Lakeland College in Sheboygan curated by Peter Sattler and including the great Derik Badman, Ivan Brunetti, Vanessa Davis, Andrei Molotiu, Anders Nilsen and John Porcellino.
Mould Map 3 is also becoming a reality with only 50 hours left to pledge. I worked on a mini black/silver zine abstractly discussing the NSA.
I'm also starting some early prep on the LA ART BOOK FAIR happening the first weekend of february. I'll be tabling again with my dear friends Rand Renfrow and Paul Windle. RAP.


I just got my contributor copies of Strapazin, a Swiss comics magazine and Big Big Wednesday, a new literary journal out of Portland which look beautiful!
I am getting ready now for a few special events next month. I'm taking part in the next Bedfellows show in Minneapolis, an all comic artist show at Double Punch Gallery in SF, and will be the featured project artist at FLA Gallery in Gainesville.
Meanwhile, I've jumped back into some Field Studies. This time focusing shortly on Californian butterflies.


The Marble Handis still up at Nationale in Portland, OR.


figures1 copy
I guess we are well into the year now so late Happy 2013! I spent the first part of the new year hangin out in beautiful Mexico! This time around I finally got to meet and stay with the absolutely darling Ines Estrada. Look her up if you don't know what she's been doing. I've been taking a bit of a break from any big projects but meanwhile have done some cool work. Now on the webstore is a series of risograph prints made with help from Colour Code in Toronto. I've been continuing to contribute to Mr. Frank Santoro's Comics Workbook. Always a pleasure to show with such fine artists. I've also been doing some more work for the New York Times here and here thanks to AD Raul Aquila. Its looking like a very full and engaging year!


Its barely been a month since my last update, but I've got some great news! Field Studies is being released into a book next month through Floating World Comics. The release will be this coming thursday December 6 and is in conjunction with a show with the lovely Ephameron who is coming all the way from Belgium. Please join us if you can.


Things are coming to a close here in Green River, Utah, where I've been a Frontier Fellow the past three weeks. Its been a really incredible experience and I have completely fallen in love with the desert. The colors and other-worldly rock formations are awe inducing. I've been reporting on some of my experiences through Epicenter's blog here. While in residence, I have completed a new mini comic Red Sands
I'll be headed back to the Pacific NW after this.

Books have arrived and I am overwhelmed by how perfect it came out.
The release will be this coming Saturday the 8th in Brooklyn. Please come out if you can. The next weekend will be spent at SPX in Maryland. On Sunday at 3:30pm I am honored to be taking part in a panel discussion with Warren Craghead, Renee French, and Keith Mayerson, moderated by Bill Kartalopolous on 'Challenging Comics Conventions.' I will also be in an upcoming show at a new space in Brooklyn called Beginnings opening September 26th. September 29 and 30th, you can find me at PS1 in NYC for the Art Book Fair. After that I am leaving NY for a month long residency in Green River, Utah, with the fine folks at Epicenter.
What a glorious line up for Fall!


Q spread
Somehow I forgot to post about my giant newsprint comic released by Floating World. Silly me. It came out for the Chicago fest and has been a hit! There's an amazing comic-review by Matt Seneca on The Comics Journal website. Meanwhile, The Blonde Woman heads to the printers and I contemplate appearing at SPX and The NY Art Book Fair in September. Hhmm...


I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who hung out and supported me in Columbus, OH during my residency. It was a wonderful month in an awesome city. Anyone passing though should be sure to check out The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library. The CAKE festival in Chicago was also a huge success.
During my Columbus stay I produced a new zine called After Nothing Comes available in the BUY section.
I'll be in the New York area for the next couple months enjoying the heat of the summer. Thanks to funding from the Xeric grant, I am planning on releasing The Blonde Woman in book format this Fall. So keep an eye out for updates.


After a brief return to the Pacific NW, I am off again. I have been privileged enough to be invited to be June's artist in residence at Skylab in Columbus, OH. While in the mideast I will be premiering a new comic with Floating World Comics at Chicago's CAKE festival June 16th & 17th, will be giving a live talk at the Wexner Center on June 26th, and will hold a gallery show at Skylab on June 29th.
Hello Summer!


New comic premiering on the Studygroup website run by Zack Soto. There will be new pages every Tuesday for the next couple months, so keep checking back!


Opening March 23rd at Sint- Lambertusstraat 1, Antwerp, Belgium
I will be present for the opening and then headed to Berlin, Malmo, and Stockholm afterward until May! Adventure! Please come say hello if you are in Antwerp :)
I also have some illustration in this upcoming release called D.I.Y. Magic by Anthony Alvarado. It is available for pre-sale here.


Its snowing!

The WHALE has been nominated for an Oregon Book Award.
List of Finalists
I am also beginning preparations for an upcoming art show in Antwerp in late March. Updates to come soon.


It's a new year and a great time to rummage through my closet. Hence, another sliding scale sale. Also, I've released a new small zine called Venus in the Mirror. All through the buy page. Check it out.


I have finally returned back to Portland from my travels. This means, naturally, that I am already 12 pages into beginning a new book project. Very exciting. I am also attending a couple holiday-art oriented events around town including next week's Appertivo at Holocene and the Publication Fair in the Cleaners of the Ace Hotel on the 18th.
Also, I have a feature on Truthout.org. It's a transcribed interview with the wonderful Julie Doucet, done comic style. Enjoy. This is just part one, so expect more soon.


I am taking an extended vacation starting tomorrow! I'll be hanging around Publication Studio at the NY Art Book Fair at PS1 this coming weekend. Then I'm off to Spain and Turkey for a little inspiration and fun.


Photo by Caley Feeney
I tabled the Portland Zine Symposium again this year and it was a blast! Thank you so much to everyone that stopped by and all my fellow tablers who were awesome.
This weekend I had shows open in Antwerp & Philadelphia. I'm so excited to hear how they went and love being a part of it all.


It has been a wonderful spring and there have been a lot of things I should have announced ages ago I suppose.
1. I have been working some time now with Finnish artist Jaakko Pallasvuo on a correspondence comic posted here: Pages. It's an ongoing-interpersonal series.
2. New zine out with the ever-wonderful French publisherKaugummi Books called 'Black Walls'.
3. I have a short story in the 2nd issue of Gang Bang Bong just released at TCAF.
4. Currently showing at Gallery Salome alongside Midori Hirose, Dana Dart-Mclean, and Tamar Monhait as presented by Nudity in Groups.
5. THE FUTURE: I am working on putting together an anthology. Details to be released soon. ;) Also working on a piece for the new StudyGroup12. Playing in a new band just in time for summer too. The Bubs. Songs available soon.


Art Sale! I've been scrounging around through some old art and am spring cleaning! Who wants some art? I'm selling them all on a sliding scale, just paypal the amount you'd like to pay, and I'll mail it asap!


Exciting News! My book is getting some recognition as one of the best comics of 2010! Number 1 on Death to the Universe and number 19 on When Worlds Collide. Thank you so much everyone!


Vastness #2 Poster
I had so much fun at the Brooklyn show. What amazing energy. But, it's back to normal life now. At the show, I debuted Vastness No. Two, a new comic in four parts, that creates a full color poster. I had it printed offset by Container Corps. They are now available on my Buy page.
They will also be at the upcoming Publication Fair hosted by Publication Studio and The Ace Hotel, here in Portland! That will be taking place next Sunday, December 19th, 11-8pm.
It's almost time to take a little break, I'd say.


I am at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival this Saturday! Tabling with Blaise for Gaze Books. I have a secret new project out just for it. I love NY and am so excited for the week. Hope to see many of you there.


Big month! I'm working for pieces for the upcoming Smoke Signals and am the featured artist for Secret Prison #3. I'm also curating a show at a really amazing concept shop called Golden Rule in December.


Official Release Party for The Whale this Thursday, hosted by Gaze Books at Blaise's house!


I am in MOME Volume 20! Not quite out yet, but when it is, check it out!! Also, apart from the upcoming release of The Whale next month (date still to be decided), I've got some other fun things on the way. I will be attending the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in December and am working on a piece for Mould Map, which is going to be put out by Landfill Editions.


My book "The Whale" is officially coming out soon with the brand new Gaze Books publishing house. I am busy in the process of editing, but am extremely excited. Gaze is a new venture by Blaise Larmee, an amazing artist and comics creator. I'll be sure to post updates and some pictures soon.


So much fun news. Right in time for summer.
Stickers Available! of some of my work! Thanks to Ines & Cafe Con Leche. They're really cool, and really cheap!

Also, I will be doing some limited edition prints with Arrow To Arrow starting this month.

Look for my work in the upcoming Le'Episode, an international, free, comics paper.



Stumptown is this coming weekend. I'll have some prints and maybe a new short comic? Come out! Basically I'm just working on comics lately and thinking about comics. It's nice.


I'm on the list for Portland's Stumptown Comics Festival this year with my own table! Yay! I'm working on putting out one more little book just for it as well as a variety of prints, and all the classics. If you're in the area, it's going to be April 24th (my birthday also) and 25th near the Lloyd Center.
Meanwhile I'm keeping busy by continuing my efforts towards winning a Xeric grant for a new-new project titled "The Whale."


Photo 280
I have been busy busy busy. I just finished printing a first run of copies of my new zine, CHANT. It's full page size b/w ink drawings.


In New York City for the week! And it's very inspirational. I dropped off comics around town (Forbidden Planet, Desert Island, and Cinders), visited galleries, museums, friends! Work For Free is also completely basing the next issue off of this trip. FUN!
Oh, and VASTNESS no. one is out! It's a collection of short stories and poems in comic form.


Welcome to the New Year! Things feel great right now.
Just finished and am about to go to print with a new 24pg comic, which I'll be taking with me to NYC next week! It is hopefully the first issue of a series.
I'll be putting up some photos from New Year's Eve at Holocene where I had some glowing rainbow stalagmites set up!
Other than that, look forward to the next Work For Free in which Paul and I will have met up again in real life to collaborate on!
Other than that I've just been drumming, painting, and appreciating the simplicity of my current lifestyle.


All of my projects have kind of fallen through....and I'm looking for work!
Positivity remains. And, the new issue of Work For Free is coming out today!
Work For Free!
I'm hoping to get the comic pieces I've been working on for the past couple months on Top Shelf 2.0. I'm still working on actually putting something out tangibly, but this is good for now!


Well, I'm officially back in the States. It was such a strange transition as I'm already perfectly comfortable and everything that has been the last four months is just like a surreal vision of the past.
Anyway, now that I've set up a stable camp for a while, I'm trying to start my Etsy store back up! Maybe you want to get something for the holidays?


I think somehow I forgot to mention my contribution to the last Diamond Comics put out by my friend who own Floating World Comics in Portland. The rise of comic newspapers is a beautiful thing. Also, I've been working on some images that will be going on Free People apparel! I'll let you know more about the project as it comes together.


I'm drawing nonstop! It's amazing. I've got a variety of projects going, and it feels really good. I'm moving back to the great Pacific NW, and plan on continuing basically in this way. Good Times.
The new Work For Free comes out this Sunday, so check that out!


Paul Wagenblast and I have launched a new online magazine called
Work For Free!
It features artists and friends and will be coming out monthly so check it out.
I've been diligently working on my comic and am at 33 pages! woooooooooo
Also, I have work at PonyClub next month? In Portland, OR with Betsy Walton.
And work at The Fresh Pot in Portland as we speak curated by Jason Overby.


Looking for work!
Meanwhile, I'm beginning on a full length comic book.
I will probably put pieces up on my flickr as I go.
In Portland though this month: check out some pieces I did with Mark Jaques Warren. They are all about FLOWERS!


I am moving to London in two weeks.

Opening on August 6th: Night Poems
a multimedia collaboration with Paul Wagenblast
At Pony Club in the Everett Street Lofts.

Also, we're doing a video based set design for the Nurses' album release show happening that same night at Holocene! Please check it out. They're playing with Slaves and Inside Voices.

On August 7th: Future in Retrospect curated by Kevin Sohale Darouian.
At Worksound gallery on SE 9th and Alder.
I'm collaborating with Israel Lund on two photo pieces.

Ongoing projects right now include a collaboration with Mark Warren Jacques, more video, and thoughts on a long comic...


New projects. Paul and I just finished the cover for the Willamette Week's annual "Finder," an epic guide to Portland. I was also privileged to work on the art for one of Explode into Color's 3 7inches coming out this summer. It's called "Coffins." Both of these were photographic pieces primarily with built details. I really am loving extending my work into the tangible world.

I will be having a table at the Zine Symposium with year at PSU, with a whole lotta zines, comics, and art! Come by July 24/25.


It's an amazing month. I finished a new comic just in time for Portland's Stumptown Comics Fest, had a birthday, gave my Thesis Oral for my BFA, and am planning a follow up show to our thesis (love poems) called Night Poems. Spring is also in full bloom with shifts between eighty degrees and sunny and fifty degrees with hail and rain the next day!
Oh the northwest...
So, updates are happening. I will be adding all of the missing thesis work photos in, and I changed out some "drawings" and "sequential" work.
If you are interested in purchasing a copy of my new comic YES ($4) or a copy of Paul Wagenblast and mine's finished Love Poems book, please get in contact!


Journey Through Bookland at Together Gallery! Opening this Thursday
Nas Chompas, Julianna Swaney, Amy Kligman, and Seth Neefus
It should be super sweet!


I just spent my day painting the former smoking room (now conversation room) at the Portland nightclub Holocene. It's my first time really working this big, but I really enjoyed it.


Happy New Year! I'm going to Mexico City!


I've been isolated in the outskirts of Olympia for a week crafting! Unfortunately these crafts are not what I need for my upcoming shows...100_0507
One thing I did manage to get done was this survey for Austin English 20 Questions
Please check it out. He has been very supportive and does some amazing work himself.


Next month is going to be fantastic.
Also, these things will be taking place: My first curator experience at the Waypost in Portland. The show will include Morgan Ritter, Meghan Mitchell, Liz Meyer, Dinah Foley, and Jenny Edwards. It is focused on the idea of daily patterns and I will be releasing a limited zine to accompany the show! FUN! There will be an opening reception January 10th. I will also be showing work at Frank James, a clothing boutique on East Burnside with a first friday opening.


I am going to start posting photos and information regarding my thesis project on my site. It is a term long independent project that is required for graduation at my school: the Pacific NW College of Art. Be sure to check up on it for regular updates and images.


I just finished my new comic "Warmer." I'm sending it off to my distributor Tony Shenton as well as taking it in to the sweetest shops in Portland OR. So, look for it at Powells, Tender Loving Empire, Reading Frenzy, Pony Club, Floating World, Grass Hut, Together, and maybe more this month.


Next month: I will have a couple pieces up for the Siren Nation festival here in portland. Mine will be at Olympic Mills along with many many other lovely women's.
I also will have a little something at the Acorn cafe and the Waypost for their group shows.
Check it out.
I am also planning a personal vacation.


I just joined Etsy.com
You can now buy my sewn goods and paintings and prints with one easy click.


First Thursday opening at Ponyclub in the everett street lofts. All the drawings are themed to be small, black/white plus one color. Group show.
I am also starting a new comic unlike any I've tried. My enthusiasm is quite high about it so I'd give it a month or two before the finished product is released.


July is always the best.


My new site. Changes changes changes.
I will be working on it with indexhibit now. It is a phenomena.
I like seeing things change.
It is all happening so fast.
It's very lovely.

Meanwhile you can come see my newest at Tender Loving Empire along side Jennifer Lee and Amelia Sarnas. It will be up for the whole month of September.